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As a seasoned Merchant Navy Officer and Entrepreneur, my journey has taken me across the vast seas of experience. Having navigated the corporate waters of multiple esteemed companies and charted my own entrepreneurial course, I’ve not only honed my maritime expertise but also built thriving businesses from the ground up.

Here, on this digital platform, you’ll witness the fusion of maritime precision and entrepreneurial innovation. Join me as we sail through the waves of my career, exploring the depths of my professional ventures. From the helm of the merchant ship to the helm of my own enterprises, each chapter tells a story of resilience, vision, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Welcome aboard this extraordinary voyage – a voyage where the horizons are boundless, and every endeavor sets sail towards new horizons.

Marchent Carrier 

During my career as a Deck Cadet, I’ve embarked on a transformative journey across three distinct vessels. From the robust MV Zorina to the vital Al Samha oil tanker and finally the dependable MT Brave Worth, I’ve spent months honing my maritime skills, gaining invaluable experience, and fostering a deep respect for the sea.

As a Deck Cadet, I’ve navigated a diverse maritime career. My journey began aboard the MV Zorina, where I spent over nine months learning the ropes of bulk carriers. Subsequently, I ventured into the world of oil tankers aboard the Al Samha, and my final stop, the MT Brave Worth, allowed me to further develop my seafaring skills during an 11-month tenure. These experiences have shaped me into a well-rounded maritime professional.

Work Experience

Way-East Shippping Company 

Deck Cadet

Worked as deck cadet at MV Zorina for more then 9 month 


Abu-Dhabi National Oil Company 

Deck Cadet 

Worked at Al Samha , Oil Tanker almost 8 month .



Deck Cadet 

Worked at MT Brave Worth As deck cadet for almost 11 month .


I’ve Worked With


Islam Ganti High School 

SSC ( Secondery School Certificate )

I achived SSC Certificate at 2012 from IGHS


Ishwardi Gov. Collage 

HSC ( Higher Secondery Certificate )

I achieved this two years certificate at 2014


United Maritime Academy 

Pre-Sea Training 

Two years pre-sea training 


Canadian University Of Bangladesh


Bachelor in Maritime Science 


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